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If this was only a scratch and sniff picture.

I want to start off by giving Andi Gleeson and The Weary Chef credit for inspiration of this recipe, without The Weary Chef blog I would have never found Andi Gleesons recipe, and without that I would have never thought about using cucumbers in a Salsa.

I have posted pictures of what we used in the making of our salsa along with a description. As in all recipes (unless canning of course) do not be afraid to experiment, to change things up, to test the waters of flavor, if you do not have a certain ingredient sometimes a substitution will make it better, sometimes not, but hey it’s worth a shot.

We have two different types of eaters in our home, my wife who likes veggies, fruits, and all things I do not, and me, I am a meat and taters kinda guy, and ice cream, I really like ice cream and chocolate, but sometimes I like to mix it up and try something new, like veggies lol, so when I am in the kitchen looking at all the freshness I just pulled from the garden I start thinkin, and my wife knows when I start thinkin it could be good or bad, well this time she liked it, maybe with a little less garlic but she liked it, and I did also.

Freshness straight from our garden
Fresh from the garden

I chose to change the original recipe as I wanted to use up some of the garden freshness as I knew there would be more the next day so instead of just one variety As you can tell from the pictures hopefully, I used a variety of cucumbers and tomatoes as well as sweet peppers. I believe there are at least three different types of cucumbers and at least two different types of tomatoes, maybe three.


When making this particular batch of salsa I did not have any jalapeno peppers so we went with a mildly sweet salsa because of the sweet peppers I used, again do not be afraid to substitute when you are missing something or just wanna try something new, my first batch was made with jalapeno peppers and it was good, really good and had a little kick to it, not to much though or my wife would not have eaten it. Whether you choose to use hot, mild or sweet peppers it appears it will work either way, go with your taste buds and what your preference is, we now know that we like it both ways.

while I am making the salsa my wife calls or texts, I can’t remember and asks if we need anything from the store, I told her I was making salsa but didn’t have any jalapenos so I was just going to use our sweet peppers. When she arrives home I inform her the salsa was finished which there was no need for me to do because when she walked in the door she could smell the flavors, she tried the salsa without the jalapenos, it met her approval. This is a very strong salsa folks, the garlic, the lime, it makes for a wonderful aroma throughout the house, Oh and I have jalapenos for my next batch, we are a little low on chips though.

The following picture is to show you the texture of the sea salt we use, I know some are a little iffy about using it in recipes but it is awesome, and as you can see, the salt is not small but it does dissolve and blend well with the other flavors, it actually brings out the flavor of the other items. I peeled three cloves of garlic as this was a large batch but only used two, if it had just been for me I would have used all three as I really like garlic.

I like garlic
Sea salt, this stuff is awesome and really brings out the flavor of other ingredients, I have posted a link below to some good sea salt.

These last two pictures before I give you the recipe is of the tools we used in the making of this awesome salsa. The Made-In knife was purchased by me and is one nice addition to any kitchen, this knife is well balanced, well built and holds an edge well, when you do need to sharpen it a few swipes on the sharpener and it is good to go, I believe I purchased 4 of these and gave one to my son for his kitchen. Made-In did not give these knives to us but we love them and think you will too, we are sharing our affiliate link to the Made-In site ( ) where you can check out all there products. We do receive a small amount at no cost to you if you purchase any of their products.

The Ninja Professional is also another good addition to any kitchen, it was given to me as a Christmas present I believe, I also have a few other Ninja items and they all have performed well. This thing is great for dicing, chopping, making mush lol, and it does it quickly. You can make a smoothie out of just about any food item with this thing in a flash. Again we do not get anything if you choose to purchase one we just like sharing our experience with the tools we use.

This is an awesome tool right here
One of a few Ninja products I have, they work well and the link is below if you wanna check them out.

The recipe for this salsa is super simple and very adaptable, you can choose to use a lot or a little of each ingredient to satisfy your taste for the day. I do wanna say if you use a lot of cucumbers the salsa will be a little more watery, we used a lot of cucumbers because we had a lot and the flavor was great, the extra water from the cucumbers also helps dissolve the sea salt. The garlic is a little tricky, if you do the garlic to taste it will probably be a little strong if you are making it for the next day, the flavors intensify as we found out when I prepared to much and put the extra in the refrigerator, it was still awesome for me but a little to garlicky for my wife.

If you want a smaller smoother salsa I recommend using something like the Ninja as it does an excellent job of this and does it quickly, I cut off the ends of the cucumbers, tops of the tomatoes and peppers, make a few cuts and toss them in the Ninja and it is done. I myself prefer the smoothness of the Ninja but I like like the look of the salsa when I cut it up with my knife and my wife likes the chunkier salsa better as does most people it seems. It does take a bit longer to do it this way but if you are a hands on kind of person as I this is the way I recommend, make sure you use caution when preparing this and any dish and use good equipment.

All amounts are rough estimates and should be done to your liking, this is more or less a guideline to get you started and build from there. We left the seeds in the cucumbers, we seeded the peppers, we chopped the garlic really fine.


two cloves of garlic

two to four tablespoons of lime juice

several pinches of sea salt to taste

two to six jalapeno or sweet peppers or a combination of both

two to six cucumbers, just depends on size and preference

four to six tomatoes

chop the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and garlic to the size you like and place in bowl, add lime juice and salt to taste, mix well and enjoy. Remember if placing in the fridge overnight or for future use the salt, garlic and lime really intensify.

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    This is really good, we ate a whole jar last night. A+++++

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      Thanks Betty, glad you enjoyed it, stay tuned for our next recipe, I’m thinkin an easy peach cobbler made with brown sugar.

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