My Beliefs in the Bible and Faith

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With all the doom and gloom in the world isn’t it nice to know JESUS? Born of a virgin, died on a cross, rose from the dead all for you and me. This is about the Bible and Faith.

I know there are many others who know more about the Bible and its content than I. However I would like to share my perspective of the Jesus I know and the Bible I know Him from. As the Bible says, we should all share His word and what He has done for us. This post will not have chapter and verse quotes, I can, however, get them if needed. I just want it to be me talking to you about my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The Bible and faith,what do you believe?

I am a Christian and a Sinner, I believe in the Virgin birth. Without this belief the Christian faith would be no different than any other. I will not go into detail about other religions. I will say that religion alone regardless of which one, will send you to a Devils Hell. There are Christians in most denominations, as well as non-believers in most denominations. Whether you are Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ etc. it doesn’t matter the denomination. What does matter is whether or not you believe in the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus. I do.

The Bible for me

As stated earlier, I would like to talk to you about Jesus and the Bible I know him from. First things first, my Bible. I use a King James Bible which I believe to be the inspired Word of God.

I know and understand the controversy surrounding King James and the King James Bible. However God’s Word should be freely given to the world. The King James Bible is the only one out of all versions that can do this.

Yes I know there is debate over this also. The debate is that the King James Bible is copyrighted in the United Kingdom, it is not. It is however protected by ROYAL PREROGATIVE and can be reproduced under a Letters Patent by Crown licenses publishers. If the King James Bible had been copyrighted (never has been) it would be in the public domain now anyways.

Believe in your Bible

Back to my point, God’s Word should be freely given in its entirety, this cannot be done with other translations. You can use other translations and the words within them up to a point. I say that to say this, I know that The King James Bible is the correct Bible for me.

I believe the back of the Bible where it says do not take away from, add to, or change the words in this Book. Which Bible do you believe to be correct? Do you use multiple Bibles? Have you compared the back of one Bible with another, which is correct? If you do not believe your Bible is the true and correct Word of God can you believe its content?

Regardless of the Bible you choose, believe in it with all your heart. Do not let anyone change your mind about your Bible. If someone can change your mind about your Bible they may change your mind about your Faith.

My next post will be about the Jesus I know and the belief I have in Him, stay tuned and while you wait check out the link to my fellow bloggers page.

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