Learning about Jesus

We can learn about Jesus through nature and its natural beauty.
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My last post was about the Bible I know and use. Today I would like to give you a few places you can learn about Jesus. You can start learning about Jesus from people such as Christians, Preachers, Pastors, Evangelists etc.

You can learn about Jesus through books such as the Bible and from children’s books. Books from people whom Jesus has Saved from a Hell that is real. From people telling about their lives and experiences throughout it. You can be learning about Jesus from Nature and all that is in it also. The miracles that you see every day from the ground to the sky, our Jesus, our God, made all things.

Serious matters

An entrance to Hell?

People who teach and preach about Jesus have a very big responsibility. They are teaching people about Jesus and Salvation. If you mess that up people will spend Eternity in Hell, a very very serious matter. Do I believe teachers and preachers should have to go to school to do this? I do not, however I do believe that furthering one’s education regarding Jesus, Salvation, Heaven, Hell, the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Saviour is a very noble and wise thing to do.

Learning about Jesus can be done in many ways other than school or college. I believe the greatest way is to study God’s Word and let Him speak to us, let Him show us. Learning about Jesus will help us help others by teaching them about Jesus and His life. In doing this we can help them understand the dire situation they are in if they are not Saved.

A good preacher or teacher cannot Save someone from their Sins. No one other than Jesus and the belief in Him can do that. However most people need someone to teach them about Jesus and Salvation. That is where education, studying, teachers, preachers, and evangelists come in.

Hell is going to be hot folks, the heat is real!

Learning about Jesus & Christians

Christians, well this could open up a can of worms, let us just get to the truth about Christians. Christian’s are people, Sinners saved by God’s Grace. They are believers in the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus and believe in Him. Christian’s are not a perfect people, although some believe they are. Some unsaved people believe that Christian’s should be. No one on this earth, Christian or not, can be, nor will be perfect while living in a sinful body.

Jesus died on a cross to save us from our Sins because He knew we could not save ourselves. We are not a perfect people, however, we should strive to be more Christ like in our lives. Just because we are Christians and know we will spend Eternity in Heaven does not give us the right to sin, just as being a Christian does not make us perfect. Some believe that Christians are hypocrites when it comes to our beliefs and our actions, and in some instances, they would probably be correct. A lot of times though these are the same people who believe that a Christian should be perfect in every way and forget that we are just Sinners saved by Grace.

We are no better and they are no worse, we still commit Sin every day just as they do. The difference is we have been forgiven, not to commit any act we choose because we are forgiven but because we have chosen to accept Jesus as our Saviour. We will all stand before God one day and have to answer for the Sins we have committed, have you chosen wisely about your destination? An Unsaved Sinner who commits a Sin is no worse than a Saved Sinner who commits a Sin. In Gods eyes the Sin itself does not matter a Sin is a Sin, human beings put a so called rating on Sin. Committing murder is worse than cheating on your spouse. Stealing a car is worse than stealing a pencil, that just is not true in Gods eyes.

A Christian life

Although we as Christians have many faults, just as all people do, we can and should be walking and talking a Christian life. as much as we possibly can, always remembering where we came from. People learn about Jesus through our actions and reactions. This is why most Unsaved people have a negative regard for most Christians.

We as Christians cannot live like the rest of the world while telling people about Jesus. If Unsaved people cannot see a change in us, why would they feel any desire to be as we are? Why would they want to learn more about our Jesus? Unsaved people learn from Christians and when they see us doing the same things they are doing, talking the same way they do, and do not see a change in us after we have been Saved by Jesus then we should think of ourselves as they do, hypocrites.

Christians are a good people to learn from, the problem is many Christians are not good Teachers. I am not saying we cannot teach someone about the Lord I am saying sometimes our walk overrides our talk. People watch what we do more than listening to what we say. Many times our Christian walk is not what it should be.

My next post should be about books and nature and some of the things we can learn from both. It could also be about something totally unrelated and completely off topic. The great thing about a blog is you can jump around, come back to a subject and take off again. Hope everyone has a good day and enjoyed my post, God bless.



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