Heroes They Should All Be Called

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The flag of our Heroes

Photo by Samuel Branch on Unsplash

Lately there have not been as many articles about our military Heroes and the sacrifices they and their families go through. The Media sleeps while we are still losing men & women in all parts of the world, both in war time situations and friendly incidents

Staff Sgt. Lyndon Badgett

Staff Sgt. Lyndon Badgett passed away on 30 August 2019, out living his known family and most friends he may have had. Gateway Funeral Home in Clarksville TN spent several weeks trying to locate family members to no avail. Not wanting Staff Sgt. Badgett to be buried without anyone there, they called out on social media hoping that people would come out and pay their respects for this hero.

They where shocked at the outpouring of respect for this hero on the day of his funeral. People came from all over the country, former and active military, people from the nursing home where he had lived, the Patriot Guard and many others for a man they never knew.

Staff Sgt. Lyndon Badgett was buried with full military honors at Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery on 19 September 2019 as tears fell down many faces for this hero. This is respect, people taking time out of their life for a hero they never knew, traveling at their own expense so Staff Sgt. Badgett would not leave this world alone. Thank you to Gateway Funeral Home for covering all costs related to Staff Sgt. Badgetts funeral and reaching out to the public because of the respect they have for our fallen heroes.

I would like to say thank you to all in attendance, thank you to Wade Winkler from Gateway Funeral Home, and thank you to Staff Sgt. Lyndon Badgett for his service to this country.

Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin

Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin of Greenbrier TN, killed 16 September 2019 in Afghanistan, on his 4th tour. Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin was in Special Forces communication and assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Washington.

His loss will not only be felt within the Special Forces community but here at home as well, a hero gone, hopefully not to be forgotten. Sgt. Griffins death brings the combat fatalities in Afghanistan to 17 this year.

Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin graduated Ranger School in Fort Benning GA and the Korean language course in Monterey CA. Sgt. Griffin completed the Special Forces Qualification Course in September of 2014.

Sgt. Griffin was awarded with two Army Commendation medals, four Army Achievement medals, Bronze Star medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Combat Action Badge, Ranger tab, Special Forces tab and posthumously the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

Thank you Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin for your sacrifice, and thank you to his family.

Two Of Many Heroes

Staff Sgt. Lyndon Badgett and Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin are heroes, these are only two of many many others that need to be mentioned. One dying on U.S. soil and one on foreign soil, both after many years of service to this great country and the people of The United States of America.

It does not matter where military personnel may have served. In addition, It does not matter where they may have died, however it does matter how they are treated and how they are remembered. All members of the U.S. armed forces, regardless of which branch should be considered heroes. Many will not tell you about their problems, many will not ask for help when they need it but we as a nation should let them know we are all here for them.

A Thank You To Heroes

It seems that our media has chosen to not report on the sacrifices these men, women, and their families go through. I believe it should be reported, it should be front page news for all Americans to see.

We as Americans, not all but many, have forgotten what our men and women in uniform are doing for our freedom. It is thanks to these men and women in uniform that we are allowed to continue with our lives, continue as though nothing is going on in our world and all is well.

Because of these men and women we have our freedoms. Because they chose to join our military and protect you, me, and our way of life; to protect our Constitution, to protect our Flag, to protect the United States of America.

A Heroes Life

These heroes volunteered, they chose the life they lead knowing that some day they may be called upon to give their life. Many did give their life for all they believe, for their families, their neighbors, their friends. These men and women do not and did not care what color our skin is, what religion we are, what political party we may belong to; or if we are rich, poor or homeless.

They knew the military life would have its ups and downs, good and bad days. They knew they or their best friend who joined with them could be gone in a blink of an eye yet they still chose this life. Heroes they should all be called whether they have ever set foot on foreign soil or not. They took an oath to protect this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic. They chose to do this for our country, for our future, and for our children’s future.

When they do finally get to come home, if they get to, their life is not the same. Firstly, they remember their buddy dying in their arms, the one who just chose to give his life to save his friend. They may remember the one who lost a leg or arm – maybe both. They remember the noises, the screams, the bombs and gunfire. This has become apart of their memory now, in other words, it doesn’t just go away when they come home.

What Heroes Miss

Respect, this is what we should have for our military and the life they have chosen. It is not an easy life, that is to say what they give up to do their job is unbelievable. Most importantly being away from family & friends for an unknown amount of time, missing their child’s first birthday, their first Christmas.

The first ride on a bike without training wheels, their first word, their first day of school. Their kids getting home to share their day just to remember that mom or dad isn’t home. Missing the touch of their spouse, the talks, the walks, the arguments. In addition to the look when you have done something wrong, like changing the channel on the TV while they were watching something. The little things mean so much more when you are not part of them.

Support Our Heroes

Our military families deserve our support, we need to let them know we appreciate the sacrifices they are going through. Let them know that you care, tell them they are heroes, let them know you will not forget. We all need to get back to showing respect to these families and the life they live.

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