Fairy Tales Hot Sauce Review

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Good stuff from good peoples

Intro to Charles

All right folks, let me tell you how I came about my Fairy Tales Hot Sauce, both bottles, because they came in the same box. I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Alabama, his name is Charles. Anyways, Charles and I was talking, usually about very useful information such as

The inventor of the frisbee was turned into one after he died. Sunsets on Mars are blue. And our eyes are always the same size from birth but our ears and noses never stop growing.

The Story

Well we hit on the subject of hot sauce one day, not sure why, probably because one of us thought it would be interesting. Maybe it was because we started talking about when we where using our hot dog cart to feed the guys at a local plant and it came up. We liked feeding the guys at the plant, and a few girls also, the hot dog cart is another story though, oh yeah back to the hot sauce.

Our Original Sauce

The hot sauce we finally found at our local grocery was called Valentina Salsa Picante and it is some pretty good stuff. And cheap, man is it cheap, like .99 cents a bottle cheap and Made in Mexico. We used it on our cart and anytime I wanted to spice something up I grabbed that glass bottle of red juice. I would give it a shake and start spreading it around, I mentioned this to my friend Charles one day and told him it is the best stuff out there. Just like I tell everybody when they start talking about hot sauce. Well he tried to set me straight I think but I knew I was right. Kinda like my KJV Bible, hard headed and not changing my mind.

The Text That Started It All

Charles texted one day and asked for my address, well curious me asked why he needed it, was he coming for a visit? No, Charles told me he was going to send me a $1000.00 dollars for Christmas. Well I’m starting to like my friend more at this point so I tell Charles when I receive that $1000.00 I will send him half of it back as a gift from me. Well I didn’t want to be out anymore money than I had to be, I mean $500.00 bucks is a lot of money. I told Charles I will open up the envelope take my $500.00 out, reseal it and put return to sender on it, he should have it in a few days. Charles never received that $500.00.


The Package

Charles did however buy me some Fairy Tales Hot Sauce from a friend of his for Christmas. He had this shipped to me, when he received the tracking number he texted me and said it should be here in a few days. Charles may have called somewhere in between the texting also but I’m not sure, wait, I am sure, he did call, and he told me that it was getting sent to his house but he would send it out once he received it. Charles was going to call his buddy in Florida just to make sure. Well, his buddy was actually sending Charles a bottle or two also as a gift and Charles being Charles I think got confused. We both received our packages. Oh and if you ever have a friend named Charles do not talk to him while he is driving because he will miss every turn he needs to make, it has happened.

The Wrapping

Wow, I said all that to say this, Fairy Tales Hot Sauce is some pretty good stuff. Lets start from the beginning, I checked the box for any abuse from my delivery people because it happens, everything looked good. I start cutting the tape open around the edges and lift up the flaps, this thing is loaded up folks, bubble wrap so thick ain’t nothing getting broken inside this box. I’m not sure if all the boxes are packaged like this but each bottle was wrapped with 5 layers. I cut, tore and pulled and finally got the bubbles off, then I had to pop a few. A+ to the packaging people.

after packaging

Awesome Bottles

Once the wrapping was removed I was happy to see these awesome looking bottles, not just bottles but glass bottles as it should be in my opinion. Good stuff just tastes better when it comes out of glass bottles and when they look kinda like old whiskey bottles, well what can you say but sweet. It was good timing also as I received a red sauce and a green sauce and it was at Christmas time so the colors worked. The art work on the labels matched the sauce also with a wolf on the red sauce which is called Big Bad Wolf and a witch stirring a kettle on the Witch’s Brew. The fancy scroll work reminded me of the old pin striping done by custom car builders back in the 50s and 60s, another nice touch.

Sauce Review

Now the serious stuff, I’m not a big green sauce fan, I have always liked the red though so I wasn’t too surprised that I would try the red first. I poured a little of each in a cup and tried them, they tasted good all by themselves and after a few minutes the heat started kicking in, yum yum. The red had a little more spice kick than the green I think. After a few times using the Big Bad Wolf red sauce on my SloppyRitos and some tacos it was time to try the green Witch’s Brew. I was pleased with both sauces, they both poured well from the bottle with no clumps, just a smooth pour like sweet tea over ice. The aroma of both was very good, I could smell more of the pepper in the red sauce I think, don’t get me wrong though, you can smell pepper in the green also.

Overall thoughts

My overall opinion of both sauces is a good one, the heat and spice was not an overpowering one when added to food but it did enhance the flavor well. As I said before I poured them on my SloppyRitos as well as our tacos and it worked well with both. I also tried cooking with them and added it to my chili, well let me tell you that was some really good chili. Although I liked both just from pouring it on different dishes, adding it to dishes while cooking it really brings out some flavor folks.

Will I give up my Valentina Salsa Picante? Probably not, just because it is super cheap, taste good and is available locally. Will I continue to use Fairy Tales Hot Sauce? You bet I will because if I’m trying to impress somebody I think this sauce could do it. It looks good, it smells good, it is all natural, vegan and gluten free. Not sure what those last 2 are but in this case it tastes good. The main difference between the two is one uses tomatoes and one uses tomatillos, hence the red and green. The Big Bad Wolf does have more kick than the Witch’s Brew and you can really taste the smoke in both. I like the smoke folks, and these guys really smoke these peppers just right.

Get Ya Some

Folks if you like hot sauce you gotta try this stuff, now lets get this out of the way, I am not getting anything when you guys buy their sauce, they did not ask me to do a review of their sauce, heck they probably wont even see this review lol. I just thought it would be good to share something my buddy Charles likes and am glad him and his wife sent this to me. I like Fairy Tales Hot Sauce also and want to share with you what my friend shared with me. Click on the link below folks and get you some of this awesome sauce. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page also.




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  • January 12, 2020 at 7:00 am

    Hey that Charles guy sounds familiar.

    • January 13, 2020 at 2:45 pm

      I think he lives down there by you

  • May 6, 2020 at 3:00 pm

    Thank you so much for more than just some kind words. Great review and you described it just as I would.

    • May 6, 2020 at 4:39 pm

      You guys are welcome, it was some really good sauce,


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