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Computers and life folks, have you ever had one of those days? You know the ones, where things just never seem to work out. For instance when trying to sign into a site or email account. You are trying to do this on the same computer you always use and it just doesn’t work?

Computers and life – today is your day

Today might be that day for you, it may say the username is wrong or it does not recognize it. The password is incorrect yet you know it is not. After many tries the computer in all its infinite wisdom decides to lock you out of the page. Oh, and then it says please call customer service and we will be glad to help you.

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But wait, you see a little box that says, if you have forgotten your password click here for a new one. Well you know you have not forgotten it, you have been using it since you where 10 lol. But you go ahead and click it thinking a new password sounds cool and I have been using the old one forever. You enter your email address, wait a few minutes and it says that is not a valid email, what?

Are you serious as you talk to the computer like it is a human that just made you mad. Then, yup here it comes, you notice a little light on your computer that is not usually on. CAPS LOCK.

For those who do not know, there is sometimes a little eye with a line through it. Click on this and you can see your password as you type, and you go about your day as if nothing happened. 45 minutes later you have logged in with the correct information and all is well again. Happy Days folks as you hope no one was around and just smile and go with it.

Computers and software have the ability to make our life so much easier. Sometimes easier can be more stressful though. For example when the computer is doing what it is supposed to but we are not. And who do we blame?

Computers and Life – Ctrl+Alt+Del

Most of us blame the computer, it doesn’t matter who or what is at fault the computer did it. I think the computer gets a bad rap. Do not get me wrong, I know computer hardware can overheat, breakdown and malfunction. Things happen regardless of how well made it is. The same with software and the many issues we have with it.

The problem is we bring a lot of it on ourselves, we hit the wrong key, type the wrong thing. We ask it to do things it wasn’t designed to do then think it is broken when we forget to turn it on or charge the battery. And we ask it to do it fast, we want speed. We think it should be doing it two, three, sometimes ten times faster than it can yet we forget to do updates. At the same time going with the cheapest slowest internet we can find and we blame the computer.

We store enormous amounts of information on our computers such as pictures, videos and documents. Knowing all that stuff slows it down but again we blame the computer for not performing like new. Our computers get so bogged down with internet surfing, cookies and things going on behind the scene that sometimes the little box cannot keep up.

Our history is slowing us down, we have so much on it at start up that sometimes we have to restart it. Sometimes it even takes a few times just to get it to work, this brings me to another subject.

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Computers and Life – Restart

Restarting, like our computer we as humans need to restart, we need to take a break and recharge. We let life get in the way of happiness, we want to blame others for our own shortcomings and failures. When all we needed was a little break before the failure happened. Most of us have been overloaded and snapped at someone when we should not have, it happens. We ask our bodies to keep going on a small amount of sleep and sometimes we think it has malfunctioned. It has not, it is our body saying hey snap out of it, I am tired and need a break.

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We let our mind get so bogged down and overloaded with life, with information, with work, with problems. Eventually it takes a toll on our health and lifestyle, our relationship with family and friends. Sometimes we need to take the information our mind is so bogged down with and write it down. sharing it with others and understanding we are not the only ones with this problem can help.

There are so many people in this world who will not reach out for help even though it is so close for them. We want to keep it all bottled up, keep it to ourselves. We do not want to bother someone with our problems yet their are friends and family who are there for us.

There are friends and family who we would rather not share anything with because it gets turned around. It gets shared with others when we shared it in confidence, but there is someone. Someone somewhere who will listen, who will be there for you and me.

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Let the past go

Sometimes our past will not let us go, or we will not let our past go. We may not be able to do much with the past, but we can let it go. Do not let our past keep bringing us down, do not let someone else bring up our past in hopes that it will.

The past is just that, the past. I am not saying to forget our past, it happened and we need to learn from it if we can. We need to share it if it will help others and not use it as a crutch not to succeed. We need to let it go from holding us back, maybe we should let it go so we can help others. Maybe life would be more meaningful if our past was not creeping. We cannot go back and relive it, we cannot take it back, good or bad it is our past. People will remember what they want to about it and most people will remember it differently.

Maybe we need to just stop and look at our surroundings, look at all the things we have. Look at our life and how many people we have helped. I do not care how bad we have been or how bad we think we are. Somewhere, sometime we have helped someone whether we realized it or not.

Our past may be what helped someone, our words may have helped someone. Maybe the actions we chose to take have helped someone, regardless of what it was we did help.

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Time for a break

Today, tomorrow or in the near future just stop. Take a break, take a walk, ride a bike, read a book. Take a trip, talk to an old friend, spend time with the family or just spend some quite time alone. Recharge those batteries folks and start fresh, your family and friends will thank you for it.

They say you get more accomplished when you have a list so make one or five and work it, we can all accomplish more with a clear head and a list. Computers and life folks, they can make a great team if used correctly. Raise a glass of sweet tea and smile folks our future is in our hands.

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