Life and Work, A Reminder

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I was talking to a friend today about life and work, yes I do have a few people I call a friend. He brought up something so many of us seem to forget. All of us know and agree that the majority of people need to work, however, most of these people do not do what they dreamed of or love doing.

If you have a job which sometimes means “just over broke” stop and think about this, do you like what you are doing? If you have a job and it pays really well and supplies all your needs and wants, do you like what you are doing? Let us look at it this way, do you dread going in to work every day? Are you always irritable? Is there something that you see others doing and you think, wow, if I had only done that years ago?

Folks, it is not about the money, yes we all know it takes money to live in this world, but do we have to have that much? Are we living or keeping up with our neighbors? They might be miserable having everything they ever wanted, many are. If you could do what you love and still make it in this world, would you? If not, then why? Do appearances to others matter more than your happiness? Do not let neighbors and friends tell you how to live your families life.

Support in life and work

If you have a son, daughter, brother, sister, or friend support them in their decisions. Right or wrong it is their decision and maybe, just maybe they do not want what you want for them. Maybe you know they could do or be so much more, again, not your decision. Let them experience life and all life’s ups and downs. Who knows, they may just do what they love and survive doing it. Let them do what you did not or could not do, let them be the best at something they love.

In life and work all of us should try to be the best at whatever we do. If you are not trying to be the best is it really what you want to do? whether it be an artist, preacher, teacher, mechanic, janitor, singer, guard, etc. does not matter, just be the best one you can. Never stop learning about the profession you have chosen, someday you may be the teacher. Are you the best at what you do? If not then why? Maybe you need to change what you do. Go, go now, strive to be the best at whatever it is you do. Thank you my friend, for a reminder about life.

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